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This Journal is going FRIENDS ONLY

This Journal is going FRIENDS ONLY

guin tongue
 After a couple of recent developments I've decided to be a little more private in my online life. So, from now on, my journal - along with my bebo, facebook, etc, etc - will be FRIENDS ONLY. 

Considering how often I actually remember to post here, this may not be an issue, but you never know. My new year's resolution is to write more, so I may go back to my semi-regular posting activity sometime in 2008.

*blows kisses*
  • *blows kisses back*

    Hey, stranger!

    • Hey!!! *huggles*

      How are you? Happy New Year!
      • Happy New Year back at you!

        I'm pretty good. Teaching at my old university now. Loads of fun!

        We should really catch up. How's life treating you?
        • That's great! I'm thinking that 2008 is the year for me to change jobs. I'm just not quite sure what to change to yet. But I still have plenty of year in which to decide :p

          Life is treating me really well. This whole being in love thing is wonderful, though it does mean I'm hardly ever online anymore.

          Well absolutely have to catch up - it's been too long
  • Oooh, scandalous. What developments, pray tell?
    • Hey Zig. Happy New Year!

      It is mostly because my uncle called on New Years Eve and was all 'oh yes, I know all about your holidays and what you've been up to from the internet. You'd need to be more careful' - it was obviously a poorly veiled comment about my relationship with Clodagh.

      Now, while I don't care who knows and am proud and happy to be with her, my temper tends to get the better of me when people make little snide comments like that, so I thought it best to prevent it from happening again.
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