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Musings of a GeekLover

16 February 1977
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My name's Shannon, I'm 34 and I'm currently an English teacher and language assistant in a bilingual school in Madrid, Spain. However I was born in Philadelphia, USA and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In the past, I have written fanfiction for both CSI and Angel - I'm currently trying to finish what could be my last Angel fic. We'll see what happens there.

I am also attempting to write my first novel. Thanks to NaNo 2010, I'm a little over 50,000 words in, but still a long way to go...

Films: anything by Baz Luhrmann, the Coen Brothers, David Lynch, Jane Campion or Pedro Almodovar (yep, quite a selection) - I also adore Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn movies and am a indie film junky.

Music: Ani DiFranco is a musical genius and goddess. I also love Uh Huh Her, the Indigo Girls, Alanis Morissette, Portishead, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman, Counting Crows, REM, Macy Grey, Joni Mitchel, k.d. Lang, to name but a few...

Books: Fav. authors include Patricia Cornwell, Linda Fairstein, Tami Hoag, Ursula Le Guin, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde and J.K. Rowling.

Fav. TV Shows: CSI, Buffy tVS, Angel, Twin Peaks, The L Word, Xena WP, Outrageous Fortune, Brothers & Sisters, How I Met Your Mother, Friends.

absolut vanilla, alanis morisette, alex cooper, alice/dana, all over me, angel, angel/cordy, ani difranco, anti-freud, barenaked ladies, batman, baz luhrmann, bhutan, billie holiday, bisexuality, buffy, cary grant, charisma carpenter, charlotte bronte, christian bale, clodagh, coen brothers, colin firth, counting crows, crema di limoncello, csi, david lynch, dusty springfield, electronica, etta james, fanfiction, feminism, feminist film theory, fiction, fiction writing, film theory, film-making, folk, gay rights, go fish, greg/nick, grissom/sara, gsr, guinevere turner, gwen stefani, harry potter, harry/ginny, high art, house, human rights, imagine me & you, in the cut, independent films, indigo girls, iron man, italian food, italy, j.k. rowling, jane austen, jane campion, jane eyre, johnny depp, joni mitchell, jorja fox, k.d. lang, katherine hepburn, kay scarpetta, kt tunstall, l word, lanzarote, leisha hailey, lesbian cinema, limoncello, linda fairstein, lisa cholodenko, lord of the rings, lucy lawless, macy gray, makeup, melissa etheridge, moulin rouge, movies, nepal, nina simone, no doubt, norah jones, oscar wilde, outrageous fortune, paris, patricia cornwell, pedro almodovar, pink, portishead, positano, pride & prejudice, pro-choice, queer theory, reading, red wine, rem, robert downey jr, rock, rome, ron/hermione, rose troche, sara/sofia, sarah mclachlan, sex, sex & the city, shakespeare, shane/carmen, shawn colvin, sheryl crow, shipping, singer songwriters, sirius/lupin, skin, skunk anansie, slash, snow patrol, stir fry, susan sarandon, tami hoag, tapas, the cranberries, the dark knight, the piano, theatre, todo sobre mi madre, tori amos, tracy chapman, travelling, uh huh her, v day, viggo mortensen, virginia woolf, wicca, william petersen, willow/tara, writing, xena, xena/gabrielle, zavvi